First Firing of the New Blacksmith Shop!

Becks Mill Blacksmith Shop

Friends of Beck's Mill is pleased to announce that the first firing of the New Blacksmith shop occurred during Beck’s Mill birthday party on August 22nd, 2015.   


The Grind III 5K and 10K Walk/Run

More Details to come on the 2016 Grind!

The Grind III 5K and 10K Walk / Run at Historic Beck’s Mill. The event will start with the 5K at 4:30pm and the 10K at 5:15pm.   FREE Family Trail Hike, for all families tagging along, starts at 4:30.   Packet pick-up and race day registration starts at 3:00pm.

Course Description:

The Grind 5k and 10k begins and ends at the historic Beck’s Mill.  Although both courses are different, they share the same grinding hill challenge out of the start and the very fast downhill finish.  Races will be computer timed. 

Snacks & Drinks:

Pre-race and post-race drinks and snacks provided as well as water stations along both routes!

The Grind Awards:

5K and 10K WALK Awards will be given to the top 3 overall female and male walker.  

5K and 10K RUN Awards will be given to the Overall Female and Male winners for the 5K/10K Run.  Top three 5k/10K female/male runners in each age group will receive awards also. 

Awards for the 5K start at 5:30pm

Awards for the 10K start at 6:45pm

Age Divisions for 5K and 10K Run:

0-14, 15-19, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60 and over. 

Entry Fees:

  • Early 5K registration without T-shirt $12    Early 5K with T-shirt $17
  • Early 10K registration without T-shirt $17    Early 10K with T-shirt $22
  • Early combined 5K & 10K registration without T-shirt is $27
  • Early combined 5K & 10K registration with T-shirt is $32
  • Late Registration – After September 01, 2015 (mail registrations postmarked 9-1-15)
  • Late 5K registration without T-shirt $20     Late 5K with T-shirt *9-14-15* $25
  • Late 10K registration without T-shirt $25    Late 10K with T-shirt *9-14-15* $30
  • Late combined 5K & 10K registration without T-shirt $35
  • Late combined 5k & 10K registration with T-shirt *9-14-15* $40

***All late entries with T-shirts must be received by 9-14-15 to ensure correct size**

Register Today:

Online registration and printable mail-in registration forms found at

Mail-in address:

C/O Kathy Qualkenbush
3632 N. County Rd, 500 W.
West Baden, IN 47469


Contact Kathy Qualkenbush, Race Director
Phone: 1-812-865-0711
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Mr. & Mrs. Chris McNeeley

Beck's Mill was pleased to host the wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Chris McNeeley on June 15th. From all of us at Friends of Beck's Mill we wish the young couple a lifetime of happiness.


Countywide Art Show - Displayed at Beck's Mill

Arts Alive Washington County & Beck’s Mill Countywide Art Show had 69 entries. The artwork was on display in the Beck's Cabin during the May Day Celebration.  The People’s Choice winning entries may be seen at the Salem Public library. So much talent is seen in the art work of our youth. The response and support from business in our community very much appreciated.  Sponsors are: Arby’s, Wendy’s, Taco Bell, Papa John’s, Dairy Queen, McDonald’s, & Domino’s. Each student that participated will receive a gift certificates from these businesses and certificates of participation.  Danny & Pam Walton’s Guitars, Strings & Things donated a cash award in support of ongoing events for the Arts Alive Organization.  Arts Alive will host upcoming events during the Bicentennial celebration week this fall.

People’s Choice winners are:

Corabelle Tally   11     SHS        1st HS
Andrew Chastain  5yrs. Campbellsburg  1st
Alex Cannello    12      SHS        2nd-tied
Joseph Bortka   12       SHS        2nd-tied
Michaela Cox     10      WW       3rd-tied
John Bortka        9     SHS        3rd-tied
Mercedez Morgan   11    Eastern HM
Melanie Purlee 5        Eastern HM
Wade LaHue      12       SHS        HM
Abigail Bortka    11     SHS        HM
Emma Voyles     9        SHS        HM
Allie Chastain   12yrs.  Campbellsburg  HM
Lizzie Chastain   9yrs.  Campbellsburg  HM
Taylor Rowley    7       Eastern HM
Ashton Soliday  11       SHS        HM
Katherine LaHue  12      SHS        HM


The Grind 10K Run/Walk Receiving Rave Reviews!

- From Facebook Post by Dan L. a Race Participant from Bedford, Indiana

Last weekend’s inaugural running of The Grind 10K was a model of organization, efficiency and attention to detail, and will stand out in memory as one of the best races of this year. Bright and early on race day, the registration tables were up and running ahead of schedule, staffed by cheery, bustling volunteers; there was plenty of time to pick up the packet, warm up, rub elbows with fellow racers, and admire the surroundings. A ten-kilometer course isn’t for the faint-hearted, and this particular route is now etched in the memory of the ninety-one participants as being additionally challenging for the steep terrain in the first mile or so, but the tone behind the comments plainly stated: yeah, I did it!

A seemingly-small detail bespoke a great degree of thoughtfulness: at the finish line, it was a great pleasure to be able to wipe away ten kilometers-worth of stinging sweat from the eyes with the very welcome fresh cotton towelette, and slug down the bottle of water handed to the just-arrived athletes.

The T-shirts are eye-catching, a sunny orange-yellow and sporting a snappy graphic of Beck’s Mill on the front, and the awards were very generous, indeed! Lots of much-appreciated runner-oriented gift certificates, tasteful selections from the Beck’s Mill gift shop, and exceptionally handsome trophy hardware; the ladies really admired the sparkly ribbons adorning their medals. Quite a few pans of savory cornbread will result from all the bags of meal that were issued, too!

The post-race ‘spread’ was an eye-popping offering of fresh fruit, cookies and doughnuts, even hot dogs and bratwurst, with an ocean of bottled water and sports drinks on ice. Runner and walker heaven!

Mag 7 personality Kelly Smith lent his timing expertise and gift of gab to the festivities, and the race results were posted on the website later the same day; slick!

There was a multitude of sponsors and volunteers that contributed a great amount of hard assets and valuable time to this exceptional event, and to call it anything less than a resounding success would be an understatement; the vibe was just that good! Thanks to all involved for a great race; the only improvement that can be made is for all of this year’s attendees to spread the word about this fine event, and return next year with a couple of racing friends in tow!

Dan L. 
The Grind 10k Participant